How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back?

February 7th, 2010

Are you swept by a wave of remorse, because your high-heeled stand has let your boyfriend down and made him part ways with you? You probably just wanted to play a game of dice with your ex’s friend on the dancing floor, to see how the jealous monster in him starts rolling and there, you had him walking out! Or was it a harmless jibe that you let go and well the guy just happened to keep going?

Are you still mulling over the “X” factor that can make your ex come back?

It simply takes calm thought and swift and steady action to win over any situation

All these years, you would have been the subject of courtship, pacifying and other modes of wooing from a male. How about switching roles for a change? Not that you have to play a guy and perform his acts. But pampering the male ego and getting it back to shape demands a little bit of knack and loads of patience (isn’t patience every woman’s virtue?). Now that you are on track with a goal in mind namely how to win your ex back, who not only steamed and bellowed in the last-meet but also made it sound it like a “last and lost” relationship, think of ways to break the ice.

You too were stiffened by pride not to go after him and now you realize that you don’t want to let go of him because he means more to you than the petty snags, which have temporarily forced you apart. Your first step of reconciliation would be to send a letter of greeting and how the sunshine has been lost from your life ever since he bid goodbye. With a note of sincere apology for what has happened and that it was not intentional and that you were blatantly callous about the whole incident. Express to him that you have been pondering over it and your heart has been pining away, void of the gallant and caring human that he is.

Request for a meet-up; for an eye-to-eye talk, which can express and explain much more. He might not concede right away. Remember the male ego doesn’t step down that easily. Your next stop would be at Reassuring. Though males outwardly project a causal, ‘I don’t care attitude’ they are innately sensitive. Though, you won’t see it through the camouflage called “male ego”.

Recall the moments you have shared together and how he is exclusive to you. Surprise him by getting tickets for a movie of his taste (if it’s on show) or a match, or even a moonlight walk by the beach, where the private –space is just defined by him and you. Hold hand-in hand (there is nothing more reassuring than a clasp).

For the Grand – Entry back into your ex’s life, take to the dancing floor, playing soft, romantic music. Your ex is sure to soften up to make you the soul of his life, once again.

Now listen carefully!

I don’t want to scare you, but, your ex is not going to be around forever… They will eventually going to find somebody else and they are going to hook up with them… They are going to fall in love, they are going to have sex… so on and so forth…

Your window of opportunity is closing fast! Click the blue link for a free, gender-specific guide to get your ex back! Ladies, click the link here and get him back today!

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How to Win Him Back

December 6th, 2009

You obviously want to fight for your relationship, which is how you found this article in the first place. Whether you two are on a break or you’ve just split up, you must not despair and loose hope because there are chances you can win your boyfriend back. But to increase these chances you must have a “battle plan”. Act wisely and try to be more rational than emotional.

There are a lot of articles with different advice about what you should do. However, they do not teach you what you should avoid to do. So here are some suggestions on what you should better avoid to say or do.

If you are being too insistent, trying to convince him to get back with you, stop! If you’ve been calling your ex constantly, sending him e-mails or writing text messages, quit doing that asap. Why? Because you will get the exact opposite effect. Instead of making him come back to you, you will push him away. So remember. The more you contact him, the more he will feel like you are smothering him.

Also, under no circumstances should you make scenes, react angrily or threaten him. This will surely make him like you and think of you less. No one finds this type of behavior attractive. So be a lady, act mannerly because I’m sure your mother taught you better than that. You don’t want your ex to be happy he got rid of you.

You might be angry with him or maybe you are anxious about the whole situation but try to relax and not talk bad things about your ex boyfriend with your friends or even worse, your common palls. The gossips might come to his ears and if he finds out you said this or that about him, he will get upset with you or even angry and, again, you don’t want that.

So try to avoid these common mistakes that women make when trying to get their ex back and the chances to win his heart again will increase drastically.

This should set the stage for your next moves.

But pay close attention, because this is where you can pretty much screw up everything you’ve accomplished. You need to have a plan of attack and stick to it. The tactics I’m going to show you are very controversial. I don’t know who exactly is going to get this, so I had to limit the access to it. You will have to put your name and email address in the yellow box here before you get everything.

Some people call this “Mind Control” and what you are going to learn makes use of a lot of dirty psychological tricks, curiosity and conversational hypnosis… 90% of people don’t even know such things exist so, giving them away here is like giving grenades to children. Please don’t use this for any kind of revenge. If you’re planning to get back with your ex just to break his heart, this is NOT for you! I’ve only released this tactics for normal, loving people who made a mistake and want the best advantage to get their ex back.

Now listen carefully!

I don’t want to scare you, but your ex is not going to be around forever. He’s eventually going to find some other girl and he’s going to hook up with her. They are going to fall in love… they are going to have sex… so on and so forth…

Your window of opportunity is closing fast! So, here’s what I want you to do right now: click this link and put your first name (no need for your last name, I’ll respect your privacy) and your email address in one of the yellow boxes, and click the red button which says “Free Instant Access”. You will then be redirected to a page where you can listen to a few audio tips. Make sure you read every last word of that article. Act now, before it’s too late! Click here to get your audio tips right now!

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Get Him Back Forever eBook by Matt Huston – Case Study

November 18th, 2009

Let me tell you a story that I think will make a difference in your love life. If you happen to be in a point where everything seems to fall apart because you’ve lost your loved one, I have good news for you. I know you probably feel it’s the end of the world and that with your sweetheart you’ve lost everything. So now it all seems just purposeless and pointless. Well, my advice is to not give in to despair quite yet because some things can be undone and some problems can be fixed. People go back to decisions they have made, all the time.

So back to my story, I have this friend who got dumped a couple of months ago. They were in a steady relationship and after no less than 3 years he decides that what they have it’s not what he really wants. He tells her “I’m not sure I want this anymore. I feel that I should meet more people and try different things before I settle down. I feel like I’m not ready yet to commit to someone. It’s not you…it’s me” and so on. Poor girl couldn’t believe her ears. Her boyfriend who she absolutely adored wanted something else. He didn’t want her anymore. She was absolutely devastated. She cried herself to sleep every night and she went over and over the last months they shared together to understand what went wrong. There were times she came to me for comfort and times she didn’t want to see anybody. And she kept trying to convince him to get back to her the moment he left her.

Call it coincidence, call it luck or faith but as I was talking to another friend of mine about break-ups and how hard it is to give advice to friends who go through this (doesn’t it seem to you that when you are in the position to console someone, you just can’t find the right words?), she confesses that not long ago her boyfriend broke up with her. I didn’t know anything about it and now they seemed so happy together that I found it hard to believe. I curiously asked how they got back together and she just turned on her laptop and showed me this e-book. She was so desperate to gain him back that she started browsing the internet for ways to win back her ex. That’s how she stumbled across Get Him Back Forever by Matt Huston. She said she applied a few tricks and basically listened to that guy had to say and tried out his advice. She couldn’t believe it really worked and I could tell how thankful and happy she was. So I decided to tell my other friend about it. I thought it can’t harm to try. And guess what? It worked for her too! I was so happy and I must admit I felt pretty good for playing a small part in all this. I felt as if I’ve done a good deed, like helping an old lady cross the street. You must know the feeling. Anyway. they are now back together after he realized how idiot he was and that he doesn’t need anything but her! Imagine that.

And as for me… oh, well I couldn’t help but reading this e-book she got even if I wasn’t in their situation. But I thought, who knows? It can happen any time, right? And I must say there are some interesting advice-some new, some not so new but worth considering. It really opens your eyes when it comes to male psychology and man-woman interaction. It sure did for me. Make sure you check it out yourself, by clicking here.

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Get Him Back Forever Review (eBook by Matt Huston aka Ex Boyfriend Guru)

October 9th, 2009

Get Him Back Forever - Ebook Cover

If you’ve been searching the internet for a way to get your ex boyfriend back, you might have already heard of the “Get Him Back Forever” ebook by Matt Huston (aka the ex boyfriend guru).

Being in the position of loosing my boyfriend and desperately looking for advice to win him back, I had the chance to read not only his book but a lot of other material on this subject. Now I am going to tell you why “Get Him Back Forever” will get a 5 stars review from me:

  1. It REALLY works. This is clearly the most important reason of all. It reaches it’s objective. I did follow up research and found that the “Get Him Back Forever” system works with an 83.6% success rate.

  2. Unlike thousands of free articles, written by people with no qualification, background or knowledge what so ever, with poor advice, or even worse, tips that will have the exact opposite effect, pushing your ex even farther away, Matt’s advice is tested and comes from an experience of more than 6 years. Matt Huston has a masters degree in psychology and has studied specifically male-female dynamics and how both sexes interact with each. Moreover, this book is not just written from the perspective of a professional relationship coach, but from that of a man’s too. And I think this double qualifies him to give lessons on male psychology.

  3. Just an example of his seriousness and professionalism and a proof that the “Get Him Back Forever” system works, he offers a 100%, 8 week money back guarantee. So you don’t have to worry it’s some kind of scam. He also gives you his personal home address just in case you need to contact him through traditional mail. This proves that he feels confident about the quality of his system and that gives me, the purchaser, confidence.

  4. He gets right to the point. Personally, I hate 300 page books that can be summed up in 50 pages or less. The information is concentrated in step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. No fluff and it doesn’t waste your time.

  5. Don’t make the mistake to follow generic advice aimed at both men and women! Their advice is not based on male psychology whatsoever. Men are genetically wired differently than women, which is why this general information is complete garbage. What it takes to get a man back after a break-up is very different from what it takes to get a woman back. This e-book is addressed to women only and it’s focused specifically on men behavior and psychology.

Another thing that I was happy to discover was that the “Get Him Back Forever” system is not a “feel good” eBook on breakups. Be careful not to waste your money on crappy material that instead of providing you with advice and solutions for getting your ex boyfriend back, talks about how you should accept the situation and move on. I strongly believe that it is always hope and that you don’t loose anything trying.

This e-book contains tips and tricks about how to win your boyfriend back and also advice on how to keep him after you get back together.

It teaches you exactly how to make him fall in love with you again, so he’ll show you the affection he once did back in the good days.

Just to get an idea what I’m talking about, here are some of the themes you can read about:

  • The one theory that definitively explains why men only want what they can’t have and how YOU can use it to get your ex boyfriend back – the Push/ Pull theory
  • Strategies to reverse rejection
  • What to do and hot to act if he’s already dating another woman.
  • Preventing a break-up before it happens in the first place
  • Reward/ Punishment system
  • The Window of Opportunity which is closing faster than you think
  • How to push his Emotional Hot Buttons

I was very pleased with the quality of the information he provides along the chapters, however I felt that the situation in which the ex is dating another woman was poorly treated.

All in all, the book reveals a lot of secrets and teaches you how to use the male psychology and behavior in your advantage. It helps you better understand male-female dynamics and explains you how to act, react and what to say in different situations. I can tell you that if you are going to opt for Matt Huston’s “Get Him Back Forever” ebook, you will discover some powerful psychological tricks and mind controlling techniques tested by an expert in this field, that I think will be more than helpful and will drastically increase your chances to win your sweetheart back.

You can visit the product main page by clicking clicking here.

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What to do if he wants to break-up

September 20th, 2009

We’ve all been there. He starts being more and more distant, you start fighting more often, he acts more and more as if he doesn’t care and then… those 4 horrible words: “we have to talk”. You feel it coming but still can’t believe when it actually happens. And before you can realize it, you are dumped. That’s when the chaos begins. But if you fallow these simple tips, you can avoid a lot of wrong moves and quickly get back with your ex. Here’s what to do from the minute your boyfriend announces his decision:

1. When he gives you the news, try to keep your emotions under control. You know what “we have to talk” means, so you can anticipate what comes next and be prepared. So try to be strong and take his decision to leave you “as a man”. Act indifferent, as this would be something you thought about too and tell him you also think this is for the best. Even if you feel the complete opposite, concentrate to keep it together and hold in your emotions. This way, the guy who rejected you feels rejected himself.

2. After the break-up, take up the “no contact” strategy. As hard as it is, forbid yourself to contact him under any false pretext. Sure, you have some stuff at his place or he left some CD’s over yours, but none of these are emergencies. Go away for a few days, take a mini vacation and just walk away from everything. Clear you head, put yourself first, for a change. After this time out you will see things differently, you will be more detached and you will be able to analyze things better.

3. Start taking care of yourself. Try to self-improve yourself, both physical and mental. There must be several hobbies and passions you have which had been ignored during the time when you were with your ex. Re-focus your attention on them. And go out with your friends, spend time with your family, see movies, go shopping. Don’t isolate yourself, don’t feel sorry for yourself. It’s not the end of the world, although it might seem so at this time. You will survive. Remember Gloria Gaynor’s song? Everyone has been there at one point or another.

4. If he starts to get in touch with you don’t act too anxious. Don’t answer his calls or text messages right away. Play a little hard to get. Don’t be too excited when you talk to him and don’t be too available. If he wants to meet you, tell him you have other plans and reschedule. Be nice, not rude or mean and be cool like you got over him but still want to be friends. Appear confident and your positive vibes will make him realize that you are just fine even without him in your life. This will trigger an immense desire in your man to get back with you and you are sure to win him back if you play your cards well.

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How To Get Him Back After A Break Up

September 7th, 2009

If you were looking for information on how to get him back after a break up, you are very lucky to be here. If you come to think about relationships, they are pretty much like a roller coaster ride. They have their ups and downs, their smooth ride parts and their loops, turns and twists. And the chances are that when you come to the point when it ends, you want back again. But sometimes, after a break-up, it seems that getting back together is nearly impossible. You tell yourself: “What are the chances of that happening?” And you come to a point of despair, thinking how much you really love him and how lonely and miserable you are without him. Then you go into a constant state of questioning.” Does he feel the same as I do? Is he thinking about me? Does he miss me? What is he doing? Is he with another girl?” And the list could go on and on! Bottom line – you want him back a.s.a.p. before you loose your mind (or what is left of it).

First, the best thing you could do is to get yourself together and start hoping for the best because not everything is lost. You actually have more chances than you think. Here are several tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back:

First of all, cut off all contacts with him. I know how hard this is, but it’s crucial at this point. Give him the chance to miss you. Don’t call, don’t send him messages, don’t e-mail him. Let him wonder and be curious. This way he will think you are getting on with your life. You don’t want him to believe you are always going to be there for him, because he will just take you for granted. He will however realize that he lost you only when you’ll stop being available and needy. After all, you know what they say: You don’t know a good thing until it’s gone.

Second of all, you must avoid staying in, all alone. It’s a tough period for you and it will get even worse if you deal with it alone. So go out with your friends and spend time with your family. You might not be in the mood for that, you’ll maybe want some time alone, apart from everything and everybody, but desolation is not the answer. It will make you feel worse and the nostalgia and sadness will only get worse.

You also should pay attention to your looks. You must start taking care of yourself. Most women cope with a break-up pretty bad. They just feel like their whole world has crashed and they don’t care about most things, including themselves. They start eating a lot because of the depression and they feel like there’s no point in trimming up because there’s nobody to do it for. Now, you don’t want to go there, because when the time will come to meet your ex. (and it also can happen accidentally) you must look your best. And also if his friends see you and then tell him they bumped into you, wouldn’t you like them to tell him something like “I saw your ex, man, and she looked hot!”? So don’t forget to take care of yourself, get your hair done and nails done too, dress nice, take the time to put on some make-up and act confident!

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